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Our Business Plan contains all the features you need to create an amazing online course site.

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 "Thinkific has literally cut the time it takes me to get a course up and running and out to my community by at least 2/3."

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 "We love working with their team, and our students love using their product."

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 Whether you're already an expert course creator looking for a new solution, or you're brand new to creating online courses, this bundle has everything you need to get your business started on Thinkific.


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"How to Price your Online Course" - A bestseller 

One of the most difficult components of creating an online course is choosing a course price. "How to Price Your Online Course" is a definitive guide that gives you a complete roadmap to choosing the best price in order to maximize your profits. You'll learn...

Your online courses will love their new home.

An Onboarding Call and A Course Launch Preparedness Review

Kickstart your journey on Thinkific with an Onboarding Call with one of our specialists. We'll help you get started with using Thinkific. Submit your finished course to us and our specialists will review your course setup to make sure you're ready to launch. We'll give you suggestions based on best practices, as well as offer some tips on first steps to take when marketing and selling your course.

A Migration Concierge Package

We understand that switching course platforms can be tough (after all, breakups aren't easy). We want you know that you're not alone. As part of our thank you for switching to Thinkific, we're offering free migration concierge services to help guide you through the process of moving over your courses. Our specialists will ensure that migrating over is a seamless experience for you and your students. The Migration Concierge Package includes a migration onboarding call, student import help, and a launch preparedness review.

We want to make sure you feel supported all the way through your online course journey. That's why your bonus offer also includes:

  • What mistakes to avoid when pricing your course
  • What data points you need to consider in order to determine your price
  • The hazards of pricing your course too low
  • Special circumstances where it's OK to price low
  • Strategies to increase your course price

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As a special bonus, we're giving you a free month on our Business Plan ($99/month) and amazing resources to help you upgrade your online business with Thinkific:

~ Premium training courses

~ An Onboarding Call with one of our specialists

~ A Launch Preparedness Review when you're ready to launch your course

~A Migration Concierge Package if you're moving from another course platform

 "In terms of design, user-friendliness, ease of use, and ease of selling, Thinkific has it all."

As a special bonus, we're giving you a free month on our Business Plan ($99/month) today and we'll give you $1,000 worth of bonuses to help you get started on Thinkific. You'll get:

~Premium training courses

~An Onboarding Call

~ A Launch Preparedness Review

~Migration Concierge Package if you're moving from another course platform

Claim your bonus and start creating your online courses today.

"Roadmaps to Results" - Our NEWEST course! 

We’ve created an online course full of everything you need to know RIGHT NOW to take action immediately and get concrete work done. It’s time to put the notepad away and close all your open browser tabs. Instead, take a deep breath and follow along with Aaron as he takes you step-by-step through the roadmap to online course results. You'll learn...

  • How to map out your journey starting with defining your target audience
  • How to create an in-depth course outline and to organize your content
  • How to create an offer and landing page to sell your course
  • Actionable steps you can take right now to get your message out there and attract people to your course
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