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A proven track record of increasing sales

Thinkific users on TCommerce sell more, earn more, and have larger transactions:
Customers on TCommerce see up to 22% higher average transaction sizes
Customers offering Buy Now, Pay Later payment methods earn 7.5% more revenue on average
Customers offering Gifting see up to 6.2% higher average transaction sizes

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“Knowing that the underlying technology is still Stripe itself and Thinkific is building on top of this, and that the features are tailored to course creators, was the deciding factor in us switching to TCommerce.”
“I can’t tell you how much simpler bookkeeping is, now that I’m with TCommerce. We had installment payments which took a long time to manage on Stripe — it’s so easy to do it on Thinkific!”
“I knew I had to figure out sales taxes and it seemed so complicated so I just kept putting it off, which just made me stress more. Now I literally don't think about it at all! TCommerce does all the work for me and it's one less thing for me to stress about.”
Mo Saiful Hussain
Founder,  Future London Academy
Veronica Wasek
5 MB Academy
Katja Swift
Founder, Commonwealth Herbs
TCommerce was built specifically for creators and education businesses who sell digital products online.
With selling, payments, admin, bookkeeping and reporting features all in one place, you’re not only boosting sales and saving time managing your business, but also growing it.

All the features you need to drive business growth

Thinkific Payments is our own custom payment processor included on TCommerce. It has the same transaction fees you’d see on a third-party payment processor like Stripe, but with the proven benefits of our selling features.
We partnered with Stripe to build Thinkific Payments so you can manage payments, subscriptions, and run reports — all in one place. 

Managing payments made easy

Suggest complementary products at checkout that can be purchased with one click and watch your transaction size grow by 20% on average

Enable users to purchase your learning products as gifts for friends and family to boost sales with a new audience

TCommerce automatically enables Buy Now, Pay Later payment methods like Affirm, Klarna and AfterPay, so your customers can pay over time, while you get paid right away

Sell your learning products in bulk at checkout, saving you time on manual enrolments and helping you increase the value of every order

Sync your payout transactions and simplify bookkeeping and reconciliation with our Quickbooks integration

Win back sales with automated smart retries, and automated incomplete purchase reminder emails sent to your students if their payment fails

Get deeper insights into your revenue and reconcile your books with TCommerce-exclusive analytics, including downloadable payouts and transaction reports, as well as exclusive reporting dashboards that help you understand the success of your subscriptions business and checkout conversions.

Stop relying on third-party processors. We partnered with Stripe to build Thinkific Payments so you can manage payments, subscriptions, and run reports — all in one place.

Thinkific customers using TCommerce have access to dedicated, priority support from our Customer Support team

More features to help you sell more
(and spend less time doing it)

Learn how to migrate to Thinkific Payments
Sales taxes are complicated. TCommerce makes it easier:

Did you know your tax obligations are based on where students are located and not where your business is? Students are charged based on:

TCommerce automates tax calculation, collection, and remittance while ensuring compliance on U.S. and Canadian sales, at a cost of 0.5% per payment processed.

This solution takes the stress of taxes off your plate, saves you time, and ensures you're never at risk of non-compliance. It's one less tedious thing for you to worry about, so you can focus on creating, not accounting.

Compliance (and making your life easier) without a second thought

A solution for sales taxes — saving you even more time

Their location
The product tax classification 
The buyer’s tax exemption status

Decoding Sales Tax: What Every Online Creator Needs to Know

Watch our on-demand webinar featuring experts from Stripe and Thinkific
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Learn more about sales taxes, and how Thinkific can help:
Avoid transaction fees on TCommerce 
We want to grow with our customers. As a driver to move onto TCommerce, all transactions processed on third-party payment providers will incur a fee as of July 3, 2024.
Hear directly from Greg Smith, Thinkific Co-Founder and CEO.

Questions or concerns? Here’s how to get in touch with us

Reach out to us through your Admin Dashboard by following these instructions

Email us directly at

Who does this fee apply to?

The fee will apply to customers on paid, self-serve plans in TCommerce regions (currently: U.S., Canada, and U.K.) that continue using third-party payment providers, such as Stripe or PayPal.

How much is the fee?

The transaction fee will be charged on all sales processed through third-party payment providers as follows:

Customers processing payments on Thinkific Payments — our payment processor on TCommerce – will not incur this fee.

When does this fee go into effect?

July 3, 2024.

What are my options?

I’m already using Thinkific Payments
If you are already using Thinkific Payments, no further action is needed! The fee will not apply to the transactions made using Thinkific Payments and you already have access to the TCommerce suite of tools.

I’m using Stripe or another third-party payment provider

If you’re using Stripe, you have two options:

Option 1: Set Up TCommerce, powered by Thinkific Payments

TCommerce is free on all Thinkific plans and takes about 10 minutes to set up. Follow our step-by-step instructions here: Thinkific Payments Migration Guide.

Once you’re set up with TCommerce, you’ll be able to:

  • Process your payments all in one place, and access our suite of selling and admin tools
  • Get dedicated support from our Customer Support team, now with faster response times
  • Avoid third-party payment gateway fees

Option 2: Stay with a third-party payment provider

We understand that in some cases you might prefer to stay on Stripe or another third-party payment provider. You have the option to do so, however you’ll see a third-party payment gateway fee on all your transactions starting July 3, 2024.

Are the transaction fees on TCommerce the same as on Stripe?

Transaction fees on TCommerce are the exact same as Stripe, so when it comes to processing on Thinkific Payments, you’re not paying any more than you would on Stripe.

What if I don’t like any of the options provided?

If this introduces a challenge to your business that we haven’t foreseen, please reach out to us through your Admin Dashboard by following these instructions or email us directly at

We will always work to find a solution that ensures you are set up for success on Thinkific

FAQs on the new third-party payment gateway fee

Optimized checkout 

Give your buyers a great checkout experience that matches your branding and includes conversion-boosting features like testimonials

…And even more exclusive features and functionality coming soon:

Simplified sales tax exemption process for buyers 

Allow your qualified buyers to self-identify and submit proof of tax exemption status — saving you time on administrative work

Sales Tax Solution for U.K. and EU sales

Ensure you meet your sales tax obligations on purchases from buyers in the U.K. and EU — with no added steps or managing multiple systems

Multi-currency pricing 

Charge your buyers in their local currency, making it clearer and more straightforward to buy from you

Invoicing capabilities 

Create invoices for customers that include all relevant information and tax details

Upcoming payment reminder emails

Send an automated invoice reminder email to learners 3 days before the due date for yearly subscriptions to avoid any surprises 

Learn how to migrate to Thinkific Payments