How making the switch from a legacy LMS to Thinkific Plus helped Keap reduce time spent on partner onboarding by 30%

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What do you get when an implementor, a strategist, and an onboarding coach get together?
At Keap, you get a next-level partner education and onboarding program to help businesses succeed. Which is exactly what Mychal Edelman, Brian Anciaux, and Phillip Michieli set out to create.
Founded in 2001, Keap is a combined CRM, marketing automation, e-commerce, payments, and analytics platform that helps small businesses worldwide solve their most significant growth challenges. 

Since selling partners are critical to Keap’s business success, the company wanted to develop a more sophisticated online education experience built around a community – something they just weren’t getting through their previous legacy learning management system (LMS) provider.

In this case study, you’ll learn:

“One of the most important takeaways from the partnership with Thinkific Plus was how it inspired us to rethink our approach to partner education program and training in general. Leveraging the tools inside of Thinkific Plus has been a paradigm shift for us and the way we look at educating partners, employees, and customer-facing audiences.” 

Phillip Michieli, Curriculum Developer, Keap

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Since partnering with Thinkific Plus in June 2020, Keap has reduced time spent on partner onboarding by 30%.