How Later’s onboarding course increased customer retention by 320%

Customer success with online courses


Later is the #1 Instagram marketing platform helping companies schedule and plan their visual marketing strategy. In an effort to increase retention and feature adoption, Later’s Customer Success team began hosting weekly onboarding webinars. But they found the webinar strategy wasn’t scalable enough and drained the team’s resources. How could they easily teach new customers how to use Later’s features to improve their own Instagram marketing strategy?

How Later A/B tested an online onboarding course against a webinar for customer retention - and how they tracked results

Later’s experience building an online course with Thinkific

Later’s tips to improve customer success (and how sometimes the key to customer education is not talking about your product at all)

Specific advice for software companies looking to build online courses for customer success

In this customer success case study, you will learn:

Desiree Evanshen, 
Customer Success Manager, Later

Learn how to build a top-performing onboarding process with online courses.

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Later had an idea: what if we tried an online course?

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“We already had all the content that we were using for the webinar, which had been proven and tested...we decided that a course would be a great way to scale this up. And we knew Thinkific was a great option for video content”.

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